About Donna Fontenot

Donna Fontenot (now Donna Fontenot Cavalier) is the author of the mystery/thriller, The Grave Blogger. Donna was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and grew up in a typical Cajun family that focused on good food and good fun (usually involving either LSU football or fishing and other water-related activities).

After graduating from LSU with an English Education degree, Donna moved to San Francisco for a few years, where she began to focus on her hidden geekiness, pursuing a career in computer programming. Once the Internet became a reality, she turned her attention to all things web, creating websites and filling those sites with content. Creating site content and blogging brought her full circle back into the world of writing.

Now, once again living in Louisiana, she combines all of her interests and talents in writing her mystery/thrillers. She can usually be found either sitting at her computer or lounging around with her two dogs.

P.S. I’d like to thank Sandie Thibodeaux, Marcia Baldwin, and Eric Wu for their support and contributions on my Indiegogo campaign. You each have my lifelong, undying gratitude.

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