As Publication Date Nears I Consider Book Formats

Get "The Grave Blogger" In The Format Of Your Choice

I finished writing my book a week ago, mid-June 2012, which was my exact goal so I’m pretty happy about that. Now, it’s in the editor’s hands, and should be back to me within a week or so. At that point, I’ll make some final edits based on the editor’s feedback, and prepare the book for publishing. I’m guessing mid-July at the latest will be the premier debut of the actual published book.

As the publication date draws near, I’m rethinking the book formats I’ll offer. I may decide to only offer the book in paperback and ebook formats, but not in hardback – or at least not immediately. Hardbacks would require a completely different setup process and would cost both me and the reader more money than it might be worth (to either of us). But before I decide, I thought I would ask you what you think, with a quick unscientific poll. Just answer any or all of the following questions by commenting below.

  1. Would you be disappointed if you couldn’t purchase The Grave Blogger as a hardback? (yes/no)
  2. Would you be willing to spend more than $15 to get The Grave Blogger as a hardback? (yes/no)
  3. Do you normally buy paperbacks, hardbacks, or ebooks? (paperbacks/hardbacks/ebooks)

Of course, I’m willing to hear any other comments you have to make as well!

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