About Donna Fontenot

Donna Fontenot is a Cajun novelist who writes mystery-thriller novels, set in the lush, mysterious bayous of Louisiana, where she grew up and currently resides.

The Grave Blogger Named B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

The Grave Blogger has been awarded with the status of 2012 B.R.A.G.Medallion™ Honoree. B.R.A.G. is an acronym for Book Readers Appreciation Group, which is an organization whose mission is to recognize quality on the part of books by Indie authors. Once books are selected for consideration, they are then read and evaluated by members drawn from B.R.A.G.’s reader group, and those books that meet strict criteria are awarded the status of B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. I am thrilled that The Grave Blogger has been given such recognition. Thank you, B.R.A.G. readers, for bestowing this honor upon my book.


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The Grave Blogger Is A Finalist for Chanticleer Book Award

Well, this is pretty exciting. The Grave Blogger is a finalist for a Chanticleer Indie Blue Ribbon Book Award in the mystery/suspense category. I’m honored to be chosen as a finalist, and while I wish the other finalists the best of luck, I secretly hope I win. 😉

I’ll be sure to let you know what the results are once the winners are determined. I think the final results will be known in mid-December (about a month from now). Wish me luck!


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The Grave Blogger is Book of the Day at Kindle Nation Daily

It’s always exciting to see The Grave Blogger mentioned, and today is especially exciting because Kindle Nation Daily has The Grave Blogger listed as eBook of the Day!

Although the book is available in paperback, and in various ebook formats for the Nook and other e-readers, there’s no doubt that Kindle is the king of ebooks. Kindle Nation Daily is very likely the largest site devoted to Kindle ebooks, so I’m thrilled that their audience has a chance to hear about my novel.

You can read a free sample at the Kindle Nation Daily site, or directly from The Grave Blogger Amazon page.


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Join Me At My First Book Signing Event

If you’ll be in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area in late October, I’d love to see you at my first book signing event. This won’t be some boring old event either. I’ll be set up at the Circa 1857 Wine Tasting Experience night on Friday, October 26, 2012, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

The Wine Tasting Experience is sponsored by Calandro’s Select Cellars, with food provided by the excellent Yvette Marie’s Cafe. It’s being hosted at Circa 1857, which is an amazing array of shops that sell beautiful art – old and new, antiques and architectural salvage.

Purchase a tasting glass for $20 and sample unlimited wines and fabulous food! Plus, 25% of the proceeds benefit Hospice of Baton Rouge, which is my favorite charity. They are truly angels on earth!

So please come join me for some great wine, fabulous food, and of course, take a little time to flip through one of the copies of The Grave Blogger that will be there. I hope to see you!

Circa 1857
1857 Government Street
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802


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Tweets About The Grave Blogger

What’s been tweeted about The Grave Blogger?


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Book Inspiration In Photos

Authors are often asked to reveal what inspired them to write their novels. There are many things that contributed to the story of The Grave Blogger, and over time I’ll try to share most of them. Today, I wanted to share a little about the setting of the book, using images to convey the inspiration.

I was born and raised in Louisiana, and when I was a young girl, I went fishing with my father every weekend. We’d get up and head out to any of several bayous and lakes in the area, getting an early start…usually leaving around 5:00 a.m. We’d fish all day, and with luck, we’d return home with an ice chest full of fish. The scenic moments of those days are etched in my memories.

Here are a couple of photos to give you a sense of the areas where we fished, with the first showing a typical bayou scene, and the second depicting the view from our camp on Lake Verret in Pierre Part, Louisiana.


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The Grave Blogger Giveaway!

UPDATE: Giveaway is over. Winners selected.

I am giving away two signed paperback copies of The Grave Blogger. The giveaway rules are very simple.

Simply use the giveaway widget below to tweet about this giveaway, and you are automatically entered to win. You can earn an extra entry by also liking my Facebook author page. The tweet is mandatory to enter the giveaway, but liking the Facebook page is optional. The giveaway will end at 5:00 pm CST on Friday, July 20, 2012.

Two winners will be selected! I will email the winners to notify them that they are the winners of the giveaway, and to get their mailing addresses so that I can mail the books to them. I’m willing to mail pretty much anywhere in the world that can receive mail. Best of luck!

P.S. After using the widget below to send the tweet, be sure to hit the green Submit Entry button when you return to this page from the tweet popup window.


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How and Why You Should Review Your Favorite Books on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com

When you buy a book online, do you read the customer reviews first? Most people do, and in fact, those reviews often have a huge impact on the book’s sales. Reviews not only persuade or dissuade buyers, but they also have an impact on getting shown to users on Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s sites. For those reasons, authors are very appreciative of readers who take a minute or two to leave a thoughtful review of a book.

If you’ve enjoyed a book and would like to let the world know, writing a review is one of the best ways to do that. While it’s great to share your thoughts about a book on Facebook or Twitter, the best place to leave a review is on the book’s sales page itself on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, like the sales pages for The Grave Blogger here on Amazon and here on Barnes and Noble. Why there? Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Sharing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter is great for letting your friends know about a book they should read, but the rest of the world will probably never hear about it. Sharing on the book’s sales page on Amazon or BarnesandNoble.com will be able to reach lots more people!
  2. Amazon uses the reviews on its own site to help decide which books to show prominently when users search for books, or when recommending “books others have also bought”. Amazon doesn’t use reviews posted elsewhere such as on Facebook or Twitter, so any review left on other sites won’t help the book get shown to more people on Amazon. (Barnes and Noble likely uses a similar system).

So now that you know how helpful it can be to write a review directly on the book’s sales page on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you should probably learn a few other little facts.

  1. Not only can you write a review, but you can also rate a book using a 5-star system. Generally speaking, 1, 2, or 3 stars is BAD, and means you don’t like the book and you don’t recommend it. 4 or 5 stars is GOOD. A nice mix of 4 and 5 stars on a book’s page usually means that a lot of people enjoyed the book, and because there are some 4’s mixed in, it’s more likely that the reviews haven’t been “manipulated” or “faked”.
  2. Always be honest. People trust book reviews only if they seem honest. If you love a book, but feel it should have been a little longer or shorter, for example, it’s okay to say that.
  3. Don’t give away the crucial plot elements. No spoilers, please!
  4. No single-word reviews are accepted. Reviews should generally be at least 20 words long, (with 50-100 words being a good average review), and should not only state that you liked or disliked the book, but also why.
  5. Discuss the book itself, rather than the author or non-related topics.

Below is what the reviews look like on Amazon. As long as you are logged in as an Amazon customer, you can write a review of a book you like. So support the authors you’ve enjoyed, and write your reviews on the book’s sales pages. You’ll be helping other readers find good books to read, and you’ll be supporting the authors you like too!


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The Grave Blogger is Now Available For Your Nook!

Ok, all you Nook people, The Grave Blogger is finally available in the Nook format for you to download! You can get the Nook version here. Like the other electronic book formats, it’s only $2.99! So, if you’re a Barnes and Noble Nook person rather than an Amazon Kindle person, you are now in the loop! If you enjoy the book, I’d love it if you would write a review on the book’s page. Thanks!


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