Cajun Character Name Pronunciations

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Since The Grave Blogger is set in Louisiana, the main characters of the book have Cajun last names. Some of those names are unfamiliar to people from other areas of the world, so I thought it would be helpful to give a little pronunciation guide to 5 of the names, plus the bonus pronunciation of my own Cajun last name. Keep in mind that I have no clue how to use “proper” pronunciation symbols, so I’ve made up my own version based on the way I think it would be spelled if we used words and sounds we already know. Below are 5 of the book’s last names, with my own last name being last in the list. Below the names is an audio file the I’ve recorded so you can hear me say each last name.

  • Broussard (brew-sard)
  • Breaux (bro)
  • Guidry (gid-ree)
  • Simoneaux (sim-uh-know)
  • Melancon (mul-law-saw) (with a nearly silent, nasally “n” sound at the end of the law and saw sounds).
  • Fontenot (font-know)

Click the Play button below to hear me pronounce the names above.


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