The Grave Blogger


An Award-Winning Novel by Donna D. Fontenot

Raya, a freelance writer and blogger, researches cold cases for true crime websites.

Living in Louisiana, an area rich with historical mystery, she always has a large pool of local, unsolved cases with interesting stories to pull from.

But one case in particular sounds familiar in a way that causes her to panic.

Names and descriptions within the reports of the case stir memories, but are they real or imagined?

Her investigation leads to grave consequences as she gets too close for a killer’s comfort. 

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About the author

The Grave Blogger is Donna’s first novel, born from her love of a good mystery and her fascination with the twisted mechanisms of criminal minds. Drawing on her own experiences as a blogger and a native of Louisiana, she decided it was time to weave a tale that brought all of this together. The characters, though purely fictional, reflect a mixture of the personalities of friends and family in Donna’s life. When asked who influenced the killer’s personality, she only smiled.

An Excerpt From The Book

“Never trust anyone in this town, Raya. Not a single soul. No one knows who you are. Your parents and I have kept your secret for 20 years for a reason. We need to make sure that secret stays hidden, especially while you are here in this town. If anyone realizes that you have memories of that day – that you were actually here – we lose the advantage of keeping your identity hidden. Please tell me you understand the importance of that, Raya.”

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