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What is The Grave Blogger all about?

Read below to find out more about this mystery / suspense novel that keeps readers glued to the story.


What if you found yourself reading a headline about a two-decades old gruesome murder which took place in a small Louisiana bayou town, when suddenly images and sounds careen through your mind of that horrible day? What if you were unsure if you were having hallucinations or actual memories? Meet Raya, a young freelance true crime blogger, who faces that scenario in a gripping, suspenseful novel by prominent blogger Donna D. Fontenot.

The Grave Blogger combines mystery with psychological thriller in a suspenseful story that connects the gruesome murder of a family in the past to the psychological games played by a killer in the present. Determined to discover the truth of not only the original crime, but also of her mysterious past, Raya plunges headlong into an investigation. With the help of Nick Simoneaux, the charming Cajun detective assigned to re-investigate the cold case, she discovers that the truth often leads to brutal consequences once you get too close for a killer’s comfort.

Teresa Kennedy, veteran editor of Village Green Press, says:

[Donna Fontenot writes with]… “an enviable sense of place; the atmosphere of bayou country permeates the story almost like humidity, and the rich details of poboys, farmer’s markets, shelling peas and small town gossips all contribute beautifully to a sort of ‘southern gothic’ feel as St. Felicity struggles both to bury the secrets of its past and to somehow resolve the mystery.”

Reader reviews describe The Grave Blogger as “a story that captivates and stirs the imagination“, “one of the best books I’ve read in a long time“, and [a book that]… “had me spellbound to the last page“.

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