The Grave Blogger showcases a new modern crime writing style

Chanticleer Reviews, which gave The Grave Blogger a 1st Place award in the Indie Mystery/Suspense genre, released an editorial review of my book today. This review also gives a brief explanation for its selection as a first place award winner.

The Grave Blogger was awarded 1st Place in the Murder/Suspense Category of the INDIE Awards, a division on the Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Awards 2013. Fontenot’s first novel, The Grave Blogger, was selected for showcasing a new style in fiction writing for fans of modern crime stories.

While everyone seems to love the story because it doesn’t fall into the same-old, tired, worn-out, crime script that so many crime novels follow, I think it’s the style of writing that really pulls the readers in. I don’t say that in a “oh gee, I have an interesting style” kind of way. How egotistical that would be! No, I only say that because it seems to be the one thing that every reader seems to mention just after they talk about the interesting plot.

So far, every reader who has spent time giving me an opinion about The Grave Blogger, has mentioned how engaging the style of writing was. Of course, not every reader used the phrase “style of writing”. But the gist of each conversation boiled down to two main factors:

  1. They loved the plot, and loved the fact that it didn’t follow a predictable script
  2. They enjoyed the pace, the style, and the fact that it was an easy read, despite the fact that it is a “tense, seat-of-the-pants, can’t-put-it-down until they know what happens next” style.

I’m sure The Grave Blogger’s style wouldn’t suit everyone’s taste – what does? – but I do think it serves its audience well. Luckily, I’m not the only one who thinks so! 😀

To see what else the Chanticleer editors thought of the book, check out the full editorial review of The Grave Blogger.

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